Blackjack Online

Pontoon or twenty-one is the names of the famous casino game blackjack and people from every part of this world are loved to play blackjack. This is real funny game and everything of this game terns really fast and you can learn the whole game quite easy than other casino games. From the starting of 17th century this game had been played and the popularity only increased since then not decreased. If you give time to learn this game clearly then you can win a lot from the game and you will have better chances by beating the house and you can leave the casino as a winner of the night.

Rules of Blackjack

When you are playing this game, you must remember that every player of a blackjack table is playing against the dealer not each other so you have to use all your resources to beat the dealer not other players. If you play the real blackjack in a live traditional casino, then many players can play in a single table but when you play online blackjack then you are playing single with the dealer only. 1 to 8 decks of cards are used to play blackjack and each deck has 52 cards and shoe is used to deal the cards. Decks will be shuffled every time after each round so that players have less chance to for card counting.

Card Values

The goal of this game is getting 21 points in at least 2 cards but more cards can get a total of 21 point. You can't exceed the point 21 because if you do then your hand will have bust and you will lose whether the dealer bust or not. If you get 21 with 2 cards then that is called the Natural blackjack and that is the best hand to play the game. The values of the cards based on the face value. 2 to 10 cards have their own face values and the face or honor cards have value of 10 each and the aces can be valued as 1 or 11 depending on the players hand points. You can use different strategies and techniques to change the game's result and there are some betting systems too by which you can use your money effectively and win lot more than usual.


There are two types of hands in blackjack one is a soft hand and another is a hard hand. If your hand has a point 10 or below then that is called soft hand and if you get an ace as the next hit card then you can count the ace as 11 or 1 depends you want hit another card or not. If you have a point 11 or more then that is called the hard hand because if you get an ace as the next dealt card then you can count the ace as 1 only because if you count ace as 11 then your hand total point will be higher than 21 so you will bust and lose.

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