Slots Online

Slots are known as the Online Pokies because it has most versions than other casino games and if you can calculate correctly then you will find over 1000 different types of slots and that is the number that is higher than the total of other online games. at the beginning online games, slots have only a few versions but now you can play as many versions as you want to play slots.

Slots Guide to Help to Play Slots

  1. 3 Reels 1 Pay-Line Slots: You have to play the game and you will win when you get 3 symbols combination in the pay-line as the winning combination and a payout chart is shown for different payouts for different combination.
  2. 3 Reels, 3 Pay-Lines Slots: You have to buy extra pay-lines for playing the game and to buy, you have to cost more coins and extra pay-lines will help you to have extra winning odds.
  3. 5 Reels or more Slots: You have to play with higher amounts per spin to play these slots types and different types have different numbers of pay-lines so the outcome will be different for different versions and there are always some bi winning amounts in these slots.
  4. Progressive Slots: These are the slots will higher winning amount. The amounts are so big for any player that these winnings are known as jackpots. You have to play with highest coins with highest value for progressive jackpot and the real winning chances are the lowest for progressive slots.
  5. Bonus Slots: For this bonus, you have to get a fixed combination in the pay-line of the slots machine and if you can get that you will be awarded with bonus games or spins and you will usually have same payouts for bonus games but for some games, the payouts are higher or lower than the usual games.

What Players Need to Play Slots

Before starting the play of slots, you need to have your bank roll management system. This will ensure the safety and effective use of your money in the game. If you do not have any bank roll management system then you can easily lose all your money within a few spins without having any winnings. You have to fix how many spins you want to play per minute and what will be the betting amount per spin. If you have fewer amounts to play but you want to play longer time then you have to play with the lowest betting amount.

If you want to win a jackpot then you must remember, you have to play progressive slots with max mauled max numbers coins and the winning ratios for this is the lowest so you will have lowest chances to win in the game and you can lose all your money. If you want to secure your payment then the best way for you is playing with lowest amount in multi-pay-lines slots. More pay-lines will provide greater chances to win and lowest amount will ensure that you will play longer time.

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